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PCMAV 1.9 Update Build 4

Posted by Rafie pada Desember 5, 2008

12 new virus that spread in many reported in Indonesia this week has been added to the Update Build4. For your PCMAV 1.9 users are recommended to update immediately, so that PCMAV you can identify and eradicate the virus more. So the total viruses detected by Build4 update this time is as much as 50 viruses.

Virus Doremi. In a database of viruses that we have, we have found 4 variants of the virus that is Doremi.A, B, C and D. The three have almost no difference in terms of coding. A variant uses icons similar PCMAV, B and C using the icon that resembles a key image, and variants D image using the magnifying glass icon. These using social engineering techniques, so that seems like a normal program.

File viruses are made using Visual Basic is likely to be put in deliberately to deceive Internet users who download it. No technical briliant that he apply, but the author has been providing routine evil that act in a certain date, such as 14 or 8. What happened? He will try to delete all the data on the hard drive without the user. Finally restart the computer, which appear only “NTLDR is missing.” Along with the file the virus, usually you will also find a text file with the name of Do-Re-Mi.txt the contents: “by Midnight Joker.”

Download the update here

List of additional virus PCMAV 1.9 Update Build4:

Virus Aksika.ini.B, Aksika-Jatim, Aksika-Jatim.html, Aksika-Jatim.htt, Apong.B, Autoit.BT, Autoit.BU, Autoit.BV, Autoit.BW, Autoit.BX, Autoit.BY, Autoit.BZ, DeathDrive, DeathDrive.inf, DeathDrive.ini, DeathDrive.txt, Doremi.A, Doremi.B, Doremi.C, Doremi.D, Doremi.txt.A, Doremi.txt.B, Formalin.C, Formalin.D, GadiHot.D, GetRaw.F, Hatred, Hatred.bat, Hatred.htt, Hatred.inf, Hatred.ini, HideTernate, HideTernate.bat, HideTernate.txt, Minerva.A, Minerva.B, Minerva.B.exe.A, Minerva.B.exe.B, Minerva.B.exe.C, Minerva.B.exe.D, Minerva.wav.A, Minerva.wav.B, Nhatquanglan, Purwo.B, SkyEye, SkyEye.bak, Sumba, Sumba.htm, Sumba.inf,Sysabdas.B.


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