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PCMAV 1.3 Release (Antivirus Download)

Posted by Rafie pada Mei 20, 2008

Antivirus PCMAV 1.3 Release (Download)

New PCMAV 1.3 already released last night. It’s the time to download it. But, i’m still haven’t found where to download it. I Have it now. That’s the usual problem for the first time when PCMEDIA as a developer PCMAV release the update. This program is Freeware but not free. You must buy the pcmedia magazine or PCMild to get PCMAV 1.3 update. That’s more faster than waiting from someone who love sharing program and upload it to rapidshare, 4shared.com or ziddu.

What’s new on this Antivirus PCMAV 1.3?

PCMAV 1.3 Release

  1. Support or compatible with engine Clamav 0.93 (the new generation of antivirus clamav engine). With this engine, Antivirus PCMAV 1.3 capable to scan 3 times more faster than before. Feel the different.
  2. PCMAV RTP works more accurate to block any virus from vbscript type. Included in memory.
  3. Special virus cleaner added for virus Amburadul, Euis and Revublik.vbs.
  4. 89 local/varian virus added. Total 1.877 Virus.
  5. More Improvisation.

Please read the readme file to get more explanation before using it.

Here are the link where you can download it. Free from any virus. I was check it. Except in several antivirus like AVG, etc. PCMAV 1.3 still suspected as virus or trojan. Don’t worry about this.

Download PCMAV 1.3 Here (server 1)

Download PCMAV 1.3 Here (server 2)

PCMAV FAQ Click here

Clamav Update (Packet)
Download Update Clamav

Latest releases

Latest ClamAV™ stable release is: 0.93
Total number of signatures: 292574
ClamAV Virus Databases:
main.cvd ver. 46 released on 06 Apr 2008 18:57 +0000
daily.cvd ver. 7153 released on 19 May 2008 00:25 +0000

All you have to do, just right click your mouse and choose save target as at main and daily.cvd on IE or save link as on firefox browser.

PCMAV Alternatives (If your virus cannot be cleaned, Use the others) :

  1. Gucup Antivirus 3.20(Local Antivirus)
  2. Ansav (Local Antivirus)
  3. Portable Antivirus 1.6
  4. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.0
  5. Avast! 4 Home Edition 4.8.1169
  6. Avira AntiVir Personal – Free Antivirus 8
  7. EAV Antivirus Suite Free Edition 5.65
  8. PC Tools Firewall Plus Free Edition 3.0.36
  9. PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition 4.0
  10. ThreatFire AntiVirus Free Edition 3

For best protection, use USB FireWall 1.1.0 or Ninja Pendisk 1.4. It will automagically remove any pesky virulent file found on usb pendisks (flashdisk) that may threat your computer. How to get started? Plug your pendisk to the computer. If you’re ready to protect your pendisk, click on the immunize button! Exit. Its done. You can Add to startup to automatic Clean or Disable AutoPlay. I think this Ninja has the same function with the next PCMAV 1.4. Advanced USB Disk Filtering. That is what they said.


NEW VIRUS ON Antivirus PCMAV 1.3 (89 Virus)

Akmal.vbs, Akmal.vbs.inf, Allya.vbs, Allya.vbs.inf, Alzheim, Amburadul.A, Amburadul.B, Amburadul.C, Amburadul.D, Amburadul.inf, Architect, Autoit.AR, Autoit.AS, Autoit.AT, Autoit.AU, Autoit.AV, Bluventhexi, Bluventhexi.inf, Bluventhexi.txt, Cetix.D, Cetix.D.html, Cetix.D.inf, Cetix.D.txt, Cyrax-HmteIsta, Danoe.vbs, Danoe.vbs.inf, Emil, Emil.vbs, Euis, Galuh.vbs, Galuh.vbs.inf, Gen.FFE-Master, Gen.FFE-Master.txt, Gen.FFE-Ykcid, Gen.FFE-Ykcid.txt, GerryBlack, GerryBlack.inf, GerryBlack.ini, GerryBlack.txt.A, GerryBlack.txt.B, GerryBlack.txt.C, Hackids, Hackids.bat.A, Hackids.bat.B, Hackids.ini.A, Hackids.ini.B, Hackids.vbs.A, Hackids.vbs.B, Honey, Honey.htm, Honey.ini, IlusiShell.vbs, IlusiShell.vbs.inf, IlusiShell.vbs.txt, Joniezz, Joniezz.inf, KyrEnt.L, MyTob.F, MyTob.F.dll, Nitaku, Nita-Mahadewa.vbs.B, NunukanVixer, NunukanVixer.txt, Paesa.vbs, Paesa.vbs.inf, Payakumbuh.vbs, Payakumbuh.vbs.htm, Payakumbuh.vbs.inf, Postgres, Repvblik.vbs, Scala.vbs, Scala.vbs.inf, SlowAndSilent.vbs, SlowAndSilent.vbs.inf, SmanMadiun, SmanMadiun.bat.A, SmanMadiun.bat.B, SmanMadiun.reg, SmanMadiun.txt, Tuna.vbs.B, WSar.B, Yazzuke.vbs, Yazzuke.vbs.bat.A, Yazzuke.vbs.bat.B, Yazzuke.vbs.inf, Zifoe, Zifoe.txt.A, Zifoe.txt.B


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